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Church Band Revival


Church Band Revival brings a unique flare of high-energy rock ‘n roll infused praise and

worship to their local Church every Sunday.  Over the last year, a group of local volunteer

musicians and singers, led by Realife Church Pastor Joel Kirk, began to write our own songs

with our own sound. Our music is different, original, unapologetic,

and one thing you can count on: “this ain’t your Daddy’s old-time gospel band!”


So what is that sound? It is a combination of high-energy rock ‘n roll inspired vocal anthems,

rad guitar riffs, smooth bass lines and thunderous drums, all giving way to a

Worship Revival washed in Southern Rock. We are a group of local, God-gifted,

volunteers serving at a local Church, recording at a local studio, who have a passion

for producing songs for Jesus and connecting others to God WORLDWIDE!

Church Band Revival has the ability to deeply move their audience from high-energy sing-along anthems, to intense acappella moments. Their belief is that Sinner’s Anthem will resonate with Christians and non-Christians alike, both young and old!  One thing is certain,

when Church Band Revival plays, folks from all walks of life are in for a wild ride!  

See it, Hear it, Believe it.

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