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realife church is running a campaign called Digging Wells. We're preparing for our future, not just as a church but for the generations to come after us. We want to establish a community, built on faith, sharing the love and word of Jesus Christ. Our campaign below is to raise $50,000 to purchase our campus, which includes all three buildings and the property they're on. We want this property as a Kingdom Investment for our church and the generations of people coming after us. Below are two options. You can pledge to make a donation before the campaign ends, or give now.


Click the button of your choice to visit and make your Kingdom Investment today!

Please select "Digging Wells" under the 'Give To:' dropdown menu.

Text "Give" to 423-205-7036



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Our Digging Wells Campaign is a Kingdom Investment not only for our church right now, but for future generations. We want to invest in our community, long after we're gone, for decades to come. Please join us in helping establish an investment in our community, our future as a church, and generations to come.

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